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Payments for sex chats

To make the transaction a little more playful, swipe left to reveal six different themes, like cupcakes for a birthday gift or wine bottles to settle a bar tab.

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To mute via the Messenger app, tap the name at the top of the message, then from that drop-down menu select Notifications.Tap the "..." near the text box and select Transportation, then download and/or sign into your accounts to get going.With Uber, for example, instructions appear as if you’re having a chat conversation with Uber, and a tiny car icon appears below your text box. Here, you can select uber X or uber XL and your destination before seeing a fare estimate and tapping Request.So I asked a 23-year-old colleague if she uses Messenger. "I just don’t want to have too many connections on Facebook with people I don’t know." This makes a stunning amount of sense.Whether you use Facebook Messenger to chat with everyone you know or you’re like me and only use it once in a while, here’s a guide to how you can get more out of it — from dedicated browser windows to secret codes for initiating chess games to calling an Uber from within a chat.From here, tap the magnifying glass on the far left to search for the emotion you want to express, like angry or in love, or tap the " " button to get to the Sticker Store. These tiny animations can wake up otherwise-boring chats, so add one by tapping the GIF icon below your text box in Messenger.

Type a word or phrase in here to find the right GIF from the large selection of apps that Facebook Messenger supports, and swipe to browse through your options.

Tap the photo icon just below your text box to grab an image, and when you swipe to skim through your recent photos and select one, the word "Edit" shows up on the photo.

Tap this, then add text by selecting the text block in the bottom left, or give your ex-boyfriend an evil mustache by selecting the pen icon in bottom right.

These aren’t exactly high-quality games, but they can work as good icebreakers.

For chess directions, type "@fbchess help." Hitching a ride On the off chance that you’d like to call a car from within Messenger, Uber and Lyft integrate with the app.

A handy collection of the photos you’ve shared with a person or group of people appears in the bottom right of this site. While loads of people have Facebook accounts (1.6 billion, in fact), Messenger also works for those who aren’t on Facebook.