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Penpals and dating for kids

anyone with similar let me know thanks Hello, my daughter has asked if she can have a penpal this morning. Her report says she needs to improve a lot more with her writing so when she asked this morning I thought this way would be a good idea....She's a girlie girl but does enjoy most things, she's an avid reader, tom gates, di Ary of a wimpy kid, Jacqueline Wilson ....

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Definitely recommend it Hi there, Ive been looking on google to see if I could find penpals for my 2 dd who are 8 and 9 (10 in march) but have so far been unsuccesful, I have penpals and they show a lot of interest and would love one themselves.We live in Staffordshire & my son loves anything to do with computers, star wars etc.My little girl loves the usual Peppa pig, barbie, anything pink! Would love to get them a couple of pen pals each so you if you are interested please get in touch through pm.My Y2 son wants a Pen Pal, and I think it would be good for him to write and receive letters.I've had a look on the web, but haven't found any that cater for young children, and thought some of you may be able to help.If any Mums do reply, at least you can check that they've been registered on here a while so you can be sure they are genuine.

Hi, I am looking for pen pals for my two daughters aged 10 and 6.

I remember our primary school doing this when we were in year 6 equivalent.

I can't believe there are websites wanting you to pay for the privilege. If the teacher doesn't have much to say go to the Head.

My son would also like a penpal, although he would like a boy to write to. would love her to have one around the same age, if anyone is looking for a penpal it would be lovely to hear from you.

xx Hi Joanne I have an 8yr old boy who also loves his little dog and his bike.

It is supposed to be email penpals as they have a seperate subscription snail mail secton but if you type snail in the optional search bar when you are searching, people who prefer snail mail have stated so in there description and you can find plenty.