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The Whitney ended up leasing their iconic Marcel Breuer building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but imagine if they had partnered with The Arch League to create the ACA — the American Center for Architecture.The architectural community is obsessed with the geodesic dome and its pied piper is Buckminster Fuller.

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The proprietors recently opened a third venue on the same block, Le Vin Papillon, where the menu changes daily on blackboard walls.So it’s out of character when I pull my phone out to snap a pic of my first dish.The small golden biscuit’s flaky interior is a lush spring green, the flour blended with the radish leaves, as is the whipped butter, while the soft pink-red tops of the miniature radishes bleed into the white tails. The impetus for this quick sojourn is Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands at the Musee Des Beaux-Arts, a recent exhibition that originated in Scotland and does not travel to the US.I enter through the Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, another Safdie design, built in 1991 (above) and is fussy and aggressive.Situated in a park, on a sliver of an island, the dome peeks through tall trees as we approach by car.

It is both historic and futuristic — a gleaming apparition that has yet to fully take hold.

Ask them a lot of qualifying questions, don't laugh at all their dumb jokes and statements, don't ask interview questions like most guys and get into ping pong conversations.

You have a very short window to make an impression and you have to stand out from the AFC's.

Doig’s exhibition is thankfully presented in the oldest pavilion, a sturdy, neoclassical building from 1912.

Photo by George Whiteside Spending a formative youth in Montreal, Doig is universally praised, yet his newsworthy, record-breaking auction prices have unfortunately muted the tender exquisiteness of his work.

Image via Proliferations The relentless material singularity of 354 prefabricated concrete boxes cantilevering in multiple directions makes me dizzy with pleasure.