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-- Contacting him would be the ONLY way out because what would others say if I started an off-topic dispute right in the comments telling him to stop that? When Meta Stack Overflow replaced User Voice, the number of feature-requests exploded: However, there is some value in being able to communicate with other users outside the context of a specific question or answer.

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However what he did is rewrite nearly all of my sentences and that really annoyed me. Even with the ability to communicate with other involved users in regards to a specific post, the requests kept on coming.This would allow messages to be sent to specific users, while at the same time keeping the messages public.In order to curb harassment and spamming, only users with a certain amount of reputation could be given the ability to make wall posts (for example, 500 rep).It makes posts easier to read", without having to publicly call them out on [email protected] excellent point!Looks you can read my thoughts, since I too wanted to contact a user once because I wanted to tell him to stop playing the wise guy, with my grammar and all.The use of these messages are heavily restricted, reviewed by the system administrators, and reserved for critical messages What I really REALLY dislike is that it takes every user a lot of time to find out that this feature does intentionally not exist. And only much later I thought about searching for the topic on Meta.

My first thought never was "well, let's see if I even can send a PM"; my first thought just was "Okay, I want to send a PM; where do I have to click? I'd suggest to make the intentional non-existence of the feature more obvious.

There are still no truly occasionally need to contact users about sensitive topics, and relying on email for this created problems.

So the ability for moderators to send a private message to another user was implemented.

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There has been quite a few times that I wished I could send a message to another user on SO - not ask a question for everyone to see, but just a short message informing them of something or requesting them to do something.

Rather than "send a private message," it suggests the very specific feature: "Share an email address, privately, with user X." This would solve your problem without having to provide a general private messaging feature.