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Professional black singles dating

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Why put yourself through such an exhausting search, when we have the creme de la creme of black singles just waiting to meet you?

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There are numerous dating sites on the Internet today. Should you choose a large site that connects all sorts of people or a site that focuses on a specific group of singles?On dating apps, which were created to increase the chance of finding love, prejudice abounds.Ok Cupid data shows that 82 percent of non-black men are prejudice against black women in some form, and I've found that to be true.Or, if both parties skip the coy act, it leads to a pre-first date.As a black woman, however, trying to find love online isn't so simple. You see, it's an established fact that dating for black women is terrible.My non-black friends typically receive right swipes from every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Meanwhile, I can only guarantee matches with the Jamals and Akeems of the online dating world.

Basic stats like the city I live in, my age and occupation were also automatically filled in.

I skipped over the whole "witty bio" thing, then got back into the groove and browsed through my colorful options.

Singles dress up their bios with pithy zingers in an attempt to match with other bae-less individuals.

Sometimes this pairing leads to an awkward exchange.

If you want to meet professional black singles, Soul Singles is perfect for you.