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The Victor Kimberlite is a composition of pyroclastic crater facies and hypabyssal facies, and is considered to have a highly variable diamond grade.

Attawapiskat was entered into official treaty with Canada and the Province of Ontario relatively late, in 1930 (Treaty 9 adhesion), and the majority of the First Nation members moved to the community as late as the mid-1960s.The post in Attawapiskat was established toward the end of the 19th century (Honigmann 196).Attawapiskat was officially recognized by the Government of Canada under the Treaty 9 document.Timmins, the nearest urban center, is located approximately 500 km south. It is thought to have formed about 180 million years ago in the Jurassic period when the North American Plate moved westward over a centre of upwelling magma called the New England hotspot, also referred to as the Great Meteor hotspot.The area is composed of 18 kimberlite pipes of the Attawapiskat kimberlite field, 16 of which are diamondiferous; the Victor Mine sits on top of the Victor pipe and mines from Victor Main and Victor Southwest which have appeared close enough to the surface to be used in an open-pit mine.The community is connected to other towns along the shore of James Bay by the seasonal ice road/winter road constructed each December, linking it to the towns of Kashechewan First Nation, Fort Albany, and Moosonee (Minkin 2008:1) Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, and Kashechewan operate and manage the James Bay Winter Road through a jointly owned corporation named after the Cree word for "our road" kimesskanemenow, the Kimesskanemenow Corporation.

Attawapiskat is the most remote northerly link on the 310-kilometre-long (190 mi) road to Moosonee..

Attawapiskat is a coastal community in the western Hudson Bay Lowland, a vast wetland located between the Canadian Shield and James Bay and Hudson Bay.

The town or hamlet of Attawapiskat now covers 1.32 km of land and is located along the Attawapiskat River, 5 km inland from the James Bay coastline. It is in the Kenora District which is in the extreme north of Ontario. The Attawapiskat kimberlite field is a field of kimberlite pipes in the Canadian Shield located astride the Attawapiskat River on Attawapiskat First Nation land.

More than a third of the members of the Attawapiskat First Nation who still live on their home reserve are under the age of 19 and three-quarters are under the age of 35 (2010-12-03).

Attawapiskat is home to the Mushkego, Omushkego James Bay Cree also known as Mushkegowuk Cree Omushkegowuk Cree, western James Bay, west-coast, Swampy, Omushkego, and Hudson Bay Lowland Cree)(General 2012:2).

This has been contended by the present day chief and council [oral history], is supported by documentation in the archives of the HBC [Hudson’s Bay Company], and was documented by Honigmann [1948] (Cummins, 1992: 72)." was carried out "jointly by the Research Program for Technology Assessment in Subarctic Ontario (TASO), the Mushkegowuk Council, its constituent First Nations, and the Omushkegowuk Harvesters Association.