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They were supposed to be the next Beatles; but a series of tragedies, mismanagement and “rock and roll rip-offs” left Badfinger little more than a sad footnote in musical history.But now the 1970s power-pop band are finally getting the recognition their fans believe they deserve, as the city of Swansea today unveils a blue plaque to troubled frontman Pete Ham, who committed suicide, aged 27.

Lincoln and Hugh try to begin their lessons, but every room they go to the sisters are there, eavesdropping on the two, much to Lincoln's frustration.Lincoln realizes that in order to improve his grades, he needs a tutor.At first, he tries to get Lisa to tutor him but Lisa's unable to do so as her tutoring schedule is already filled up.Lincoln and Clyde are walking home from school, and Lincoln is upset at the fact that he just got an "F" on his latest test.Because of this, Lincoln fears that he will fail the fifth grade.The plaque, close to the city’s railway station, will honour Ham as one of the region’s “finest musical talents”.

At the peak of the band’s fame he played “Here Comes the Sun” at New York’s Madison Square Garden with George Harrison, but Ham is now largely remembered for writing a song – “Without You” – that Harry Nilsson, and Mariah Carey would later cover to global success.

They had hired American Stan Polley as their manager a year earlier, which would have tragic consequences.

During the next few years, despite releasing a series of albums, tensions rose and the band began to split at the seams.

This makes Lincoln realize that these distractions are what's causing him to repeatedly fail his test.

Lisa has the solution: Lincoln simply has to NOT look at her.

One fellow musician would later describe it as a “rock and roll rip-off”. I will take him with me.”Mr Matovina will say: “It’s a very hard business, full of shysters, huge egos and people more than willing to use others for their personal gain.”He feels Ham needed people who “were willing to stand up for him”.