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Rob pattinson and emilie de ravin dating

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He sported yet more cuts and bruises as he enjoyed a milkshake with a young female costar and lazed around on Alice in Wonderland sculptures with a cigarette in hand.

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They've already had their fair share of hot kissing scenes, but Emilie was caught locking lips with Chris Cooper as well.At New York City in 1991, Alyssa "Ally" Craig is waiting with her mother for the subway, when they are mugged by two young men, who shoot her mother after boarding the train.Ten years later, Ally is a student at New York University, and lives with her father, Neil, a New York Police Department detective.And even though Emma ’s leading lady is also on the hunt for new leading man — but we think Rob may be just the thing for this loveable brunette!Not only does Sophia have a thing for fellow actors, but also, someone this kindhearted is Anna Kendrick And now for the piece de resistance!Rob's character may be a bit hurt, but off-screen the actor wouldn't have a problem finding a girl to cozy up to, especially since many of you think he should date a girl outside the acting world.

Well, they do say that the way to get over a breakup is to realize that there are plenty of fish in the sea..

Tyler provokes Neil by confessing to Aidan's plan and his initial reason for meeting Ally, which forces Tyler to confess to Ally. Aidan visits Ally at her father's home to explain that he is to blame, and Tyler is in love with her.

Caroline is bullied by classmates at a birthday party where they cut her hair off.

(not that Robsten has confirmed their breakup or anything though. So let’s find Rob Pattison a new word that rhymes with schmirlfriend, shall we? So we’ve been thinking Rob could make some sweet music with…

Emma Watson While this British beauty is tight-lipped about her love life, it may be just the ticket that Rob needs.

Aidan calls Charles to bail Tyler out, but he does not stick around to have a conversation with his father.