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4A German trial transcript documents lesbian violence.

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3The Church fathers re-establish the husband’s patriarchal authority and the patriarchal values of Roman and Jewish law.One step towards that end is to allow the husband to whip his wife only with a switch no bigger than his thumb.5During the reign of Ivan the Terrible in Russia, the State Church sanctions the oppression of women by issuing a Household Ordinance that describes when and how a man might most effectively beat his wife.3A Massachusetts court is the first to recognize the spousal rape exemption. Fogerty, relies solely on Lord Hale’s staement (1500’s) in recognizing in dictum that marriage to the victim was a defense to rape.3John Stuart Mill writes The Subjection of Women, but waits 8 years to publish it because he did not think the public was ready to accept his essay.Start the journey by taking the e Harmony Personality Profile and get feedback that details how you relate to other California singles.

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3 He pleads for Parliament to reform the divorce laws to allow women to divorce on the grounds of violence and cruelty.

1The Amerian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is formed.

4In England, “the Golden Age of the Rod” is used against women and children who are taught that it is their sacred duty to obey the man of the house.

Violence against wives is encouraged throughout this time.

3Lord Hale, an English Jurist, sets the tradition of non-recognition of marital rape.