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SAML 2.0 enables web-based, cross-domain single sign-on (SSO), which helps reduce the administrative overhead of distributing multiple authentication tokens to the user.

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All SAML-defined statements are associated with a subject.Imagine a world with unlimited distribution and no competition. Because, with this number in hand, you will have an idea of how much money is possible to make with your product or service. That’s where SAM comes in…Serviceable Available Market, or SAM, is the market you can realistically serve. In fact, SAM can be calculated by figuring out the total market you and your competitors can realistically serve.Your SAM is going to be limited by your business model and your geography.Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0 (SAML 2.0) is a version of the SAML standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between security domains.SAML 2.0 is an XML-based protocol that uses security tokens containing assertions to pass information about a principal (usually an end user) between a SAML authority, named an Identity Provider, and a SAML consumer, named a Service Provider.Upon receipt, the process is reversed to recover the original message.

For example, encoding the SAMLRequest=f ZFfa8Iw FMXf Bb9Dy Xva Jt Z1Bqs URRC2 Mabbw95ivc5Am3TJr XPffmm LY3/A15Pzuyf33On8XJXBCax TRme Eh TEJQBdmr/Rb Rp63K3p L5r Ph YOpk Vd Y ib/Con+C9AYf DQRB4WDv Rv WWks Vo Y6ZQTWlbg BBZik9/f CR7Gor YGTWFK8pu6Dknnw KL/WEetlxm R8s BHb HJDWZq OKGds RJM0kf QAj CUJ43KX8s78ctn Iz+lp5xp Ya4d So1fj OKGM03i8j Se CMz Gev Ha2/BK5MNo1F dg N2JMq PLm Hc0b6WTmi Vbs Go Tf5qv66Zq2t60x0w XZ2RKydi CJXh3CWVV1CWJgqanfl0+in8xutx YOv ZL18NK Uq Plv ZR5el+Vh Yk Ag ZQds A6f WVs ZXE63W2itr TQ2c Va KV2Cj SSq L1v9P/AXv4C contains information not known by the Id P beforehand, such as Assertion Consumer Service URL, signing the request is recommended for security purposes.

Competition can be stiff, and you have further limitations that constrain your ability to make money. Serviceable Obtainable Market, or SOM, is the most realistic expectation of the current potential of your product or service.

SOM is the potential you have with competition taking some of your sales, your sales team limited to closing a certain number of deals per day, and some conservative estimates around how many customers in your target market will actually find and buy your product.

The critical aspects of SAML 2.0 are covered in detail in the official documents SAMLCore, Some 30 individuals from more than 24 companies and organizations were involved in the creation of SAML 2.0.

In particular, and of special note, Liberty Alliance donated its Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF) specification to OASIS, which became the basis of the SAML 2.0 specification.

It doesn’t care about competition, the size of your sales team, or limitations as a product or service provider.