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The youth took a tighter grip on mummys neck and shouted Praise be to Allah Sarah knew mummy was having the boys spunk hit her throat, he rocked back and forth as he emptied his balls into posh mummys mouth, Sarah didnt have long to relish the scene as she was spun over, her legs were raised up onto the shoulders of her boy rapist. Steve Barked Yes Sarah replied you know what a Branded girl means bitch?

With that Little Markie climbed onto the bonnet of the car and began to suck and bite on Sarah's left breast, each suck/bite leaving little love bites.Sarah, slowly chose her sexy underwear, matching of course, a sexy pair of lace black knickers matching bra, that pushed up Sarah's tanned 34B amateur tits making them look a lot bigger.Stockings (a must) made the hot blonde look every part the sex bomb she hoped it would.Arriving at her mothers house, her baby sister and mother came out all excited, Mum in a crisp white blouse and black leggings just enough jewellery to show class but not enough to be crass, Sis wore a pretty flowered dress, showing off her nice D cup tits.All onboard they set off arriving in good time for their table.Harder and harder the boy licked Sarah's pussy, biting her clit ever y so often.

Sarah's womanhood betrayed her and she found herself thrusting her hips back to the waiting mouth of the pussy eating nigger boy.

Sarah had two sisters and one said she would have Sarah's daughters over to stay so the group could enjoy a good night out.

Sarah was taking her time to get ready, she thought it was only fair that if the night turned out well, she would allow her husband and his small cock a couple minutes of pleasure on her taught, hot, shaved holly body.

A high five to his friends, then they all changed places, for her sister to start the hell of rape again.

Sarah's thoughts were interrupted as she felt a mouth on her cunt, this boy, yes a boy was eating her xxx pussy, slowly from top to bottom, even sticking his tongue into her ass and rimming her, something Brian had never done.

Pulling out his mobile phone a simple call was made, yep three hot girls, one older but the other two are worth a go, yes, they have jewels and money.