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Schastye dating

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, "good luck," implying that a happy person is someone who has had a good fortune.

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When a Russian is schastliv, he (or she) is not thinking of how lucky he is. Ščastja moje) is a 2010 Ukrainian road movie directed by Sergei Loznitsa.It is set in the western regions of Russia, somewhere near Smolensk.Au cours de son trajet, il rencontre un vieil homme qui a perdu son identité au lendemain de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, une prostituée encore adolescente et trois bandits alcooliques à la brutalité vie du camionneur sera désormais bouleversée par ce déchaînement de violence.There he picks up a hitchhiker, an old man who recounts him a disturbing story: soon after World War II, while returning home from the front, a corrupt military officer brazenly robbed him by threatening him with arrest if he did not comply. Later when Georgy parks his truck and steps out and shortly returns, the old man has disappeared. He takes pity on the girl and gives her some money and food, but she is offended by his charity, insults him and leaves.

Later still, Georgy is lost in the night and decides to camp in the field until dawn.

He is stopped at a road police post by a pair of rude and corrupt policemen.

While they are flirting with the woman they stopped earlier, Georgy manages to grab his papers and leave unnoticed.

Plus, it helps that writer-director Aleksandr Medvedkin keeps things moving throughout this silent film, even with the fractured narrative.

Featuring free Wi Fi and a barbecue, Mini-hotel Schastye offers pet-friendly accommodations in Schastlivtsevo.

In "Happiness," Khmyr(Pyotr Zinovyev) is a peasant who suffers through life.