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Hell no." Perhaps these beginnings - dressing performers as well as taking to the stage - are why Del Rio is so affable in person despite her onstage persona.

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I'm getting to do what I've always wanted to do, which is perform and travel and it’s now at a level that is global.” The show has certainly propelled Del Rio onto TV and computer screens around the world, and her Rolodex of Hate tour has seen her playing locations from London to Amsterdam, Australia to Dublin.Del Rio is the creation of costume designer Roy Haylock, the fourth of five children in a family of Cuban and Honduran descent from New Orleans.First realising his love for costume design and performance in high school, his talents were recognised aged 17 when he won the citywide Big East Entertainment award for best costume design for the at the New Orleans Opera, where he was working as a make up artist and costume designer.Viewers complained that while the show was still wildly entertaining, some of the contestants were flat or didn’t appear to appreciate the history of drag culture.After Del Rio, an enviably skilled former Broadway costume maker armed with cutting jokes from her self-styled “Rolodex of hate”, future contestants had a lot to live up to.So for me it [drag] is the packaging to get away with murder.” As a seasoned drag queen, Del Rio cut her teeth in the club circuits, long before social media and the pitfalls it brings.

“I was fortunate enough to do drag prior to so I have a thick skin.

I was like ‘phew dodged that bullet, what’s next, what’s next?

’ It wasn’t so much winning as getting through each day.” “I’m appreciative of this opportunity.

You reall “With doing insult comedy you have to start with yourself. I'm a man in a wig, by no means am I changing the world or curing cancer.

It starts with my owns sense of humor and self deprication.” first appeared as a platform for queens to celebrate, present, and defend different aspects of the artform.

Since Bianca Del Rio appeared on Ru Paul's Drag Race she has taken her acerbic comedy around the world.