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Relative to the number of races ran on course turnover is slightly down at -3%, off course and fixed odds combined is up 12.8% with stakes paid up 18.3%.These results are extremely pleasing to the Board and the clubs.

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At the end of the day however, success will be determined by the year end result so the figures will continue to be collected and analysed with programme changes made as appropriate.Much of the feedback on programmes has when considered in detail, been driven by a persons own horse and therefore self-interest which is understandable. To cater for most regularly is the best we can do and its not good practice to make changes to suit individuals or the minority, so this will not happen.Our basis is regular programmes to achieve like with like racing, thus increasing turnover.When we put the tender in there were two people with the same amount. If the others had got it, the place would have basically been pulled down and converted to dairy. So I said to Jacob do you want me to send over some papers and get things signed up? (1-53.8 AUS), Wick (1-52.8 USA), Ardens Choice (7 New Zealand wins and $282,296), The Manipulator (4 New Zealand wins), Straight Thru Blue (6 Australian wins), Southern Pursuit (4 New Zealand wins), Little Rascal (8 New Zealand wins and 2 Australian) and Glenisla (10 wins Australia).Obviously Charlie didnt want that to happen and we ended up getting it. Hed been quite a nice horse early on but he broke down. I got a phone call about a week later from Jacob Millar. Mc Intyre says he generally gets between twenty five to thirty mares each season. He was North America Two Year Old Sire of the Year with his first crop.We spelled him and sent him directly to Ken and Tony Barron in the winter. I thought that would be more interesting than sheep because Id had a gutsful of them. Id been talking to Max Bowden about doing the deal on stallions and he said make sure you get it signed up or theyll nail you to the floor.

She ran a half in 55 (seconds) at the workouts one day. Anyway I went down there and knocked on the door and Gil (Gil Shirley owner of Ascot Stud) came to the door. As a racehorse Just Jazzan was initially trained by Graeme Mc Intyre before Brent took over.

Programmes cannot be provided to suit every horse all the time, but are designed to cater for most on about a two week cycle.

Therefore, to think that programmes should suit any horse every week is impracticable and unreasonable.

Recently the AGM of Southern Harness was held with John Earl, Murray Little and myself reappointed for another 12 months.

As we have done in the last year, we are open to discuss any issues or suggestions for the benefit or improvement of the industry.

As a racehorse Net Ten EOM had a limited race career but paced a mile in 1-49.4.