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There is a system of feeder buses offered at most of the major stations. For air travel, once expats have their residence visa, they can get an e-Passes which expedites clearing customs. Plenty of Outdoor Activities If you are someone who loves to soak the sunlight, you will get it in maximum amount while living in Dubai. It allows expats to enjoy outdoor activities for the majority of the year.

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However, during Ramadan it is a bit tough for Non-Muslims to find places to eat during fasting times. Accommodation in Dubai Buying a house is a little difficult as it requires you to be filthy rich.If you are new in Dubai, driving a car might be a huge issue for you because the roads are built in quite a weird way.It requires a lot of time to get used to the road infrastructure of Dubai. Internet Censorship While surfing the internet, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to browse many website as they would be banned in Dubai due to offensive material. Very Warm Climate Living in Dubai is like living in hell in terms of the weather.Nightlife is lively but doesn’t start until after pm and goes on till late night.Big name entertainment and parties are advertised all the time. Difficult to Understand Addresses and Roads Learning address is quite difficult and no matter how much you try, the letters won’t reach your house no matter how important they are.They are mostly newly build and almost all come furnished and are serviced as part of the rent. Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs and Professionals Dubai has an economy that is vastly spreading.

Once you start a business and it gets successful, you will be able to earn loads of money through it.

And with high traffic volume driving can be as stressful as hazardous. Unchallenged Laws If you have the wrong passport or you are the wrong sex in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may experience hardship and unfair treatment.

This reality is generally not talked about, and certainly not challenged – and for some it is unpalatable. Dealing with Real Estates and Landlords can be Tricky Rents on apartments must be paid in full and up-front.

Your attractive tax-free salary can quickly be eaten up by rent, luxury goods, school fees and too much socializing if you are not careful.

Too many expats get wiped out by Dubai and leave after their assignment with little more than memories. Driving Can be Stressful and Hazardous Driving in Dubai is not an easy task because of the abundance of traffic cameras and even if you commit a minor mistake you might end up paying a lot of fine.

The Dubai city is not only known for its massive shopping malls and exotic infrastructure but is also a rich in heritage.