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It highlights a crisis in governance and a crying need to widen the gene pool of our elected representatives.What was once a noble pursuit of public service has being corrupted by mercenaries.

Did they give a second’s thought to an independent investigation into parliamentary practices that fell well “below community standards and expectations”? The sins of the financial ser­vices industry are one thing but, unlike their political masters, business leaders are governed by many layers of regulation and civil processes that offer recourse through prosecution, individual claims and class actions for suspected or proven misconduct.Meanwhile, Turnbull and Bill Shorten are locked in a standoff over which MPs whose citizenship is in doubt should be referred to the High Court.How dare they sit in judgment when they have tried to cover up the ineligibility of some colleagues, pushed a “don’t ask, don’t tell” agreement and scoffed at each other’s “carelessness” in a calculated attempt to deceive the public.On this year’s Global Firepower ranking, Australia is listed 22 and North Korea 23 for military strength.America leads the world but China is rapidly gaining.They take credit for successes while taxpayers underwrite their mistakes. The financial services royal commission is a rank political exercise that serves to remind us of the double standards and questionable competence of those who have commissioned it.

It will make recommendations that politicians, who thrive on populism and headlines and, whose priority is tenure, will implement.

Yet should anything threaten the Canberra collective, it simply closes ranks.

After all, with so many privileges and the prospect of superannuation benefits beyond most Australians’ dreams of avarice, this cartel is impregnable. It continues to shine an unwelcome light on politicians’ links to other countries.

It explains why Turnbull supporter and Liberal frontbencher Arthur Sinodinos has yet to be referred to the High Court.

Born in NSW to Greek parents, he may not be registered as a Greek citizen but neither has he renounced that citizenship and therefore may be lawfully bound by the policies and rights conferred by the Greek government. Take our jetsetting Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop.

Yet the Prime Minister made the fiction official when he promised war with North Korea if fat boy Kim fires at America.