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The Triple Crown honour has long been a feature of the tournament, dating back to the original Home Nations Championship, but the physical Triple Crown Trophy has been awarded only since 2006.The current holder of the Triple Crown is England, who defeated Ireland, Scotland, and Wales in the 2016 championship.

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Since 1988, the Millennium Trophy has been awarded to the winner of the game between England and Ireland, and since 1989 the Centenary Quaich has been awarded to the winner of the game between Ireland and Scotland.Since then, ties have been broken by considering the points difference of the teams.The rules of the championship further provide that if teams tie on both match points and points difference, the team which scored the most tries wins the championship.Italy are the holders of the most Wooden Spoon awards in the Six Nations era with eleven, and have been whitewashed six times.However, each of the other five nations has accumulated more than that through competing in previous eras.Prior to the 2017 tournament, two points were awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.

Unlike many other rugby union competitions the bonus point system has not previously been used.

A team which has lost all five matches is said to have been whitewashed.

Since the inaugural Six Nations tournament in 2000, only England and Ireland have avoided the Wooden Spoon award.

The Six Nations is the successor to the Home Nations Championship (1883–19–39), played between teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which was the first international rugby union tournament.

With the addition of France, this became the Five Nations Championship (1910––99), which in turn became the Six Nations Championship with the addition of Italy.

Since 2007, France and Italy have contested the Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy; it was created for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian hero who helped unify Italy and volunteered in the French Republican Army against Prussia.