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Now starts your proper life drenched in the joys of true domination, Female Domination. This is the official fetish website of the ultimate, superior financial domination Dominatrix, Goddess Mya Kulpa. An upscale, dominant Femme Fatale, Goddess Mya Kulpa is a high end fetish model internationally renowned.The perfect Princess you dream to spoil your ultimate dreamgirl with Amazon gift cards daily.

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And although the “no ass to mouth” rule was posted, it was unclear how much it was enforced when things got really heated up! Read "Seven Habits of the Highly Effective Mistress" for tips regarding traits to enhance to nurture as you enjoy your path into dominance.... Five common femdom relationship pitfalls - and how to avoid them Happy New Year! Corporate Slut Mondays Continue An Easy Choice Milking, Dual-Strap-On, or Cuckold Duty: Which will it be?Femdoms view your cam Live audio for members Live commands // Play or observe Akasha's Skype: akashaweb Akasha's Yahoo IM: akashaswebmistress Miss Blue's Yahoo IM: themissblue Pls IM with questions only Akasha's original femdom erotica from 1995 to present. KNOCK, KNOCK "k I found a few other items is everything ok? Now, organized by category: Forced Femme Strap-On & Anal Chastity Pussy Worship Feet Seduction & Lust Sheila's Show Romance BDSM Illustrated Stories Read stories from the mind of Akasha's kinky best friend! Members can read the details here and see the picture FROM the dressing room Preview: "It was too tight and I got stuck in it. " I told her that I thought I needed her help as I was stuck. I just got back from the most extraordinary 24 hours of my life. " you will enjoy this "office ravage" piece Shamed Public humiliation, lingerie shopping, and a description of what it's like to worship my you can just taste it Corporate Slut Holiday Edition: Tears and Humiliation Ass worship, strap on humiliation - best way to start the new year Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Milked on Display A degrading dual fucking on stage combined with my favorite humiliation: Milking! Three Orgasm Day Dual sided dildo gag, inflatable plug, and an afternoon cuckold session - that's what's on the menu... If you liked my classic "So you want to be my sissy? Slutting Humiliation and performing are what's in store for my slut in chastity - the most degrading shopping visit ever, followed by a dance show... Cum Shower It's a little 'strap on visit' - just what the doctor ordered. An article by Akasha: Forced Feminization from the Femdom's Point of View. ) All Over Again The most degrading strap on adventure - how do I manage to make you into a virgin all over again? Here's how I used two slaves to achieve the ultimate dual cockscuckng, bondage delight. Pink Plugged Pussy A truly degrading adventure in an upscale lingerie store... I just wanted to get right to the strap on, ass fucking, and milking Miss Blue mentioned it in our online chat Friday. I have posted part one of SALS XXX for ALL to read.

In the same theme as SALS but a slightly new character line.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Humbled Again Inspired by The strap on / forced cocksucking fantasies of course It was only a matter of time before some of the strap on harnesses were used for forced cocksucking. Read this recap of the chat and see pictures of what we did! Exploit I will explain how all three will become your degraded existence!

I understand and have accepted My superiority as a Woman.

In high heels and stocking or pantyhose, barefoot or in thigh high latex boots, Her hypnotic ways will put you into a trance.

She is a superior Hypno Domme and sensual domination is this mean Girls orientation as well as Femdom. It's time for more paypig, payslave, payslut, sissy slut,paypiggy, paypiggie tribute addict play.

other times I go down to the kitchen to make my orangejuice, often naked or with just a little sexy change cam and you see me taking my shower ...maybe I willl join JP in the office to empty his balls ;) or I will sit down at my office, say hello to you on the STREAMINGCAM WITH SOUND and then let you watch the underdeskcam to know if I wear a thong or not today The STREAMINGCAM with SOUND follow me around the house so you can hear me talk to you or the noises when we are having sex somewhere in the house....