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Smoking sex chat room

100% of non-smokers die Smoking is big, hard, cool AND clever Smoking reduces the risk of fatal heart and lung disease Chimps can do it, why shouldn't I?

If you would prefer to chat with someone LIVE, Helping Teens has that too! A husky voice is a sexy voice Start a relationship - ask me for a fag Don't pay me for one - buy your own! Smoking - makes the budget easy Smoking is nearly as cool as cocaine HEY, IT'S ONLY LUNG DISEASE A FAG A DAY, FLOATS THE STRESS AWAY SMOKING KILLS HUNGER LIGHTER NOT INCLUDED SMOKING: THE ONLY ANSWER TO BOREDOM LOOK COOL, EVEN IF YOUR UGLY SMOKING KILLS... SMOKING: AIDING MISCARRIAGE SINCE THE 1900'S SMOKING WHEN DRUNK IS A MUST SMOKING: PRICELESS LIFE INSURANCE DOUBLES WITH CANCER CAN I BUM A FAG? WHO NEEDS THAT TAKE AS PART OF A BALANCED DIET SMOKING CURES AWKWARD SILENCES SMOKING INCREASE ATTRACTIVNESS GREAT HAND AND MOUTH ACTION SMOKERS HAVE MORE FRIENDSSmoking prolongs life. Death Sticks This is my second pack today Best served with beer Hey, we are all gonna die! Complaining about smoking is extremely dangerous- don't do it Smoking disguises bad breath. Your first cigarette may cause illness but do not be put off. Smokers have bigger dicks I smoke - get over it If your mum didn't smoke she'd be minging BONG KING Smoking gives 3rd world countries an income How shit do you think the NHS would be without me smoking? Smoking is the new black If your not reading this you deserve to die anyway. A cigarette a day keeps the doctor away (or) A cigarette a day helps you work, rest and play9/10 smokers prefer smoking to quitting I may be a smoker but you are a twat! Save time- smoke 2 at once Does anyone ever read these? Smoke Brittany Spears smokes (enough said)Smoking prevents anti ageing Smoking makes you a better dancer. Smoking between meals ruins your appetite Have a break, have a cigarette Smoke gets in your eyes because I am smoking! Warning: Smoking more than 100 cigarettes a day is bad for your health Recommended Daily Dosage: one pack Do not let badgers breath your smoke Do not smoke near flammable children Im an addict and proud! At least I'm not on smack Smoking cures constipation Don't lecture me Why are you staring at my cigarettes? You complain because you're jealous Smoking is highly addictive, so be sympathetic If my smoking bothers you then go away. Non smokers are anti social Smoking is good whilst having a poo Smoking makes you famous Smoking gives you a hairy chest. My nan is 97 and has smoked 60 a day since she was 12.

Continual smoking makes your voice husky and therefore sexy.

There you will find links to many helpful hotlines and websites. In fact, being silent just makes us feel more alone. Helping Teens was created for someone just like you.

Just don't forget to come back to Helping!! We encourage you to speak out and share with us whatever it is you have on your mind.

Tobacco smoking is an ancient tradition in many cultures. Kids: Your parents will eventually accept that you smoke. Smokers keep students in education Smokers pay for all non smokers to get old Dot Cotton's still rocking and she's ancient!

Smoking stops men falling asleep after sex Smoking after sex means your not doing it right Smokers Suck! I'd give up if i didn't think i would become a typical non-smoker!

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