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When confronted, he revealed his closeted panty fetish and desire to be gently dominated. Her response was empathetic; she headed to the library and checked out Gloria Brame’s ) The teasing drove him crazy, and it gave her “a great idea for the makings of a little hobby”—and possibly a business.

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Others told Shattuck it seemed like she was speaking only to them, even though she never recorded custom work. “There’s somebody outside the door.” I hear a faint cough in the distance, then another. “I just want to fuck you.” He shudders, and moans right in my ear. I started thinking about audio’s erotic potential last spring, while my friend Émilie and I were venting about porn.“You’re such a good girl, and you get what good girls deserve: a big load of my cum.” I’ve never met Johnny before, I have no idea what he looks like, and that’s not even his real name. Hardcore vids had started to feel like an “assault on the vagina,” she complained, while female-targeted porn (with white bedspreads and fewer closeups) was boring and quiet.I needed to know, so I kept pressing “play.” Audio magnifies whispers and swallows, humanizing the performer and creating a tangible experience that photography and video can’t compete with.“We feel like we are right there in the room with the action,” says Northwestern University media professor Jacob Smith.Audio porn could preserve Johnny’s anonymity in a way sexting or camming couldn’t, but the experience was disarmingly intimate—.

It was an uncanny porno-monogamy I didn’t know was possible.

“They felt I was reading their minds because I had every detail of their fantasy just right,” she explains.

“We fill in the visuals in our mind with our own desires.” By 1995 she had expanded to phone lines, where she charged by the minute for access to prerecorded fantasies.

“Please, baby, make me come,” Johnny begs me as his track “Morning Lust” (posted to Reddit in November) nears its inevitable conclusion—the aural money shot. Much better than I had imagined listening to a random dude pant could be.

As Johnny climaxes, I imagine him biting a pillow to muffle the sounds of his orgasm from his parents, who stand right outside his bedroom in this fantasy. Unlike with porn vids, I was participating, not just staring.

A fetish for medieval garb can unravel in an instant with a porn flick’s lack of attention to historical accuracy.