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Teens attitude change while dating

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It also means having the same principles — like valuing honesty or showing respect.

But you know it's love when he sticks by your side when you get into a car accident, or even when your hair isn't done, or when your clothes don't match." Most of the time we grow close to people who have the same values and beliefs, or people who have qualities that we admire.First, we saw that it's not just younger guys who go mainly for the way someone looks or their physical attributes: We had a few older guys say they were most interested in looks.And most of the 13-year-old guys in our survey say they appreciate a person's inner qualities, like kindness and intelligence.I know I'm black and she is white, but we are more similar than I thought.And now I really love her." It takes time to learn about each other and discover the deeper connections.That explains why some guys responded like Trent, 13, who told us the things he likes about his girlfriend are "her hair and body." Experts say that it's not until guys reach their later teens that they rate a person's inner qualities as most important.

Our survey showed that this "conventional wisdom" doesn't mean all guys fall into this mold.

I hate the guys that just want to 'hit it and quit it' or want a girl with all the looks and clothes even though she might not be the nicest person." Both guys and girls noticed that the excitement and newness of the infatuation stage is fun and thrilling.

Like Brittany, 15, who told us, "When he kissed me it sent butterflies through my body like crazy." But those butterflies often come with sweaty palms or a racing heart. I didn't know what to say." Sometimes a new relationship starts with attraction.

Musaka, 17, told us about his experience overcoming superficial differences: "It was this girl at my school.

I really felt something was similar between me and her.

But an almost equal number (43%) said that, although they like someone, they're just not sure it's really love. Three main qualities go with being in love: attraction, closeness, and commitment. Relationships that are based on attraction alone are usually more about fun and infatuation than real love.