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Tell your parents online dating

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We definitely know that a lack of sex education leads to early sexual experimentation, so I suggest you explain to your daughter what masturbation is in the larger context of sexual behavior, and soon.And it might be time to give her more privacy in the bathroom.

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When she realized I had seen what she was doing she simply just grinned at me and stated, "This feels great, Mom! " She now comes to me and ask me if she can watch certain videos (basically "chick flicks") "in private." She seems very comfortable with her newfound adventures, but I am just dying.that she gets tingling feelings in her private parts.She also stated she didn't know why, but she felt the urge to touch herself when she has these feelings.My sense is that he's certainly going to masturbate as much as he wants (and neither my wife or I want to make him feel guilty about it) but that he will, somehow, seek out the materials he wants - so it's better to guide him rather than refuse complete access to porn. You're obviously a parent who cares a lot, although your question is a shocking one.I think you're right to cut him off from Internet porn.I don't think her behavior is anything to worry about or even all that unusual.

A sizeable number of both boys and girls engage in prepubescent masturbation.

If you want to guide him a little, why not buy some tame magazines as if they're your own and leave them where he's apt to find them?

Boys have been digging into their dad's collection for eons. These magazines are nothing but tasteful pictures from cover to cover and they don't contain the editorial content or advertising that you probably don't want a 12 year old to see.

Now, I have absolutely no problem with his masturbating, so I think I'd like to guide him toward less extreme visual material. Should I buy him relatively innocuous magazines like Playboy - or even let him pick out what he likes (with guidance, of course)?

I haven't broached the issue with him as yet (I'm sure it will be difficult for us both) but he seems to be a lot more intensely interested in porn than I was at his age, so my own experience may not be that helpful in judging what's right for him.

She acts like it is this big secret "just between us girls." In my heart, I can not stand the thought of her doing this but I also don't want her to feel ashamed or like something is wrong with her either. I even masturbated when I was a kid, but it was not something I told my mother about.