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Trigger if updating

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Many retention policies are time based, such as keeping contracts for at least seven years.

Please download “Modernizing Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft Content Services” for more information.But there aren't yet details on how it works, it may not comply with budget rules, and while it's being sold as a backstop to alleviate debt concerns, the vast majority of economists say the tax bill increases federal debt — meaning whatever the trigger ends up doing should be taken seriously.Why this matters: It means Senate passage of the bill isn't in the bag yet, although it's getting close.For more formal processes that use Share Point versioning and publishing approval, you can build a custom Flow with a new action that supports Share Point check in and approval.Our data governance features allow administrators to create labels, shared across Office 365, that can be applied to files and thereby enforce policies for records management or retention.Earlier versions of Word provided a way to view and edit Share Point metadata in a document.

This capability was not originally provided by Word 2016.

The tax bill's fate in the Senate could rest on Sen.

Bob Corker's "trigger" idea, which continues to be negotiated as the chamber debates the bill.

If the Senate succeeds with including the trigger, the tax bill's passage seems very likely.

Conversely, if the trigger doesn't work out, it could imperil the votes of deficit hawks in the Senate even as other Republican holdouts fall in line.

Future updates will add additional conditions, such as files requiring check-in.