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To set your input see "How do I set my USB mic as my default recording or input device?

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On Mac, you will navigate to System Preferences / Sound / Input. To set your output see "I plugged in my USB microphone, now I can't hear any sound through my speakers! Your microphone is just defaulting as your Playback/Output device.In order to take advantage of this service we offer, you must currently be under our 2 year manufacturer warranty, and you must have purchased your mics from an authorized dealer.It can take some time for this process to get completed, so do allow at least 5 business days.It functions as follows: If Satellite is accidentally powered on in your bag or on your desk and does not pair with a device, the unit will automatically turn off after 15 mins.If Satellite is accidentally powered on and your BT connection is broken (the user walks away from the headphones, for example), Satellite will automatically turn off after 5 mins.7727F20001 and up 7728F20895 and up 7728F11501 and up We have an update that resolves an issue with Bluetooth pairing where in some cases Satellite will only pair with one Bluetooth device.

If customers have had any difficulty with Bluetooth pairing, Blue will gladly exchange your Satellite for a new, updated version.

If you require an Auto-Off feature, Blue will gladly exchange your Satellite for a new, updated version.

Simply contact our Support team and request an exchange.

Although we don't make software, we do offer all-in-one recording bundles that inlcude Pre Sonus Studio One Blue Microphones Edition software. Othewise, there are quite literally dozens of programs to choose from, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton, Garageband, Reason, Reaper and Audacity.

Choose the one that’s right for you—Blue mics work with ALL of them!

How do you know if you have the latest version of Satellite?