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Why it's worth a watch: Netflix's Marvel series have repeatedly proven that a superhero TV series can look and feel as cinematic as their silver screen counterparts. This workplace comedy centers around Ruth Whitefeather (Kathy Bates), a cannabis advocate finally living out her dream of becoming the owner of a cannabis dispensary.

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Why it's worth a watch: One of the best TV series on Netflix, Stranger Things is simply a really well made show.The writing is tight, the characters are believable as well as likeable, and the cast are insanely talented. When a rich family lose all of their money after their business manager screws them over, they're left with just one asset: The town of Schitt's Creek.If you grew up in the '80s, you'll enjoy the nostalgia factor, but if you didn't you'll be equally as intrigued by this mirror to another time. Forced to begin rebuilding their lives, the family (including their two adult children) move into a dingy motel and try to adapt to small town life and hard work.Why it's worth a watch: When the original Wet Hot American Summer film was released back in 2001 it was wildly underappreciated.However it thankfully went on to become a cult classic and in 2015 Netflix revived the premise with a prequel series which explored the first day of camp (the film previously covered the events of the last day of camp).Note: This list will be updated monthly to reflect the best old and new Netflix series. Choosing the best Netflix series to binge watch on can be a hard decision to make.

After all, you're committing to spending hours of your life with this series, and you hardly want to devote your time to a total dud.

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As we all know, in recent years, Netflix have knocked it out of the park with their Netflix originals, as well as carefully curating some of the best Netflix original series from around the world. A total 80s homage, Stranger Things starts with the disappearance of a boy into thin air.