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Updating digital slr camera firmware

updating digital slr camera firmware-84

I have previously recommended Sony gear to countless numbers of fellow photographers looking for the best landscape astrophotography cameras.

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I think that the only way to get a fix is to keep trying to contact Sony.There are ways to deal with the issue depending on the camera you are using.Most of the time, a longer than recommended exposure time, which will cause the stars to trail, can help hide the issue by stretching the appearance of the stars past the threshold of the spatial filtering algorithm.All told, some photographers might never even notice the issue.But as our community shifts more and more towards the enthusiast, to the photographer who really cares about the finest capability of their equipment, an issue like this is tremendously disappointing to many of us.The problem has been dubbed “Star Eater” by others in the astro community.

The issue also affected, from day one, the original line of a7 cameras when used in Bulb mode and the problem persists through out Sony’s latest line of cameras including the a9 and a7RIII.

If you have contacts at Sony, any help reaching out to them would be greatly appreciated by me and many others.

Most of the latest Sony Alpha cameras employ a spatial filtering noise reduction algorithm when using Bulb mode. It affects RAW files and cannot be turned off, even when using Uncompressed RAW.

Mostly, I hate the thought of having recommended a camera to so many people only to learn that something has changed that would have me question my original recommendation. The a7SII in particular is affected very greatly by this issue because of its lower resolution sensor.

It was a camera that launched with praise about its low light capability and now I highly discourage you use an a7SII for astrophotography.

The result is an astrophoto with less stars and the appearance of diminished resolution.