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Updating os x

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Some interface elements are semi-opaque so that a blurry version of the window behind can be seen.For example, the menu bar at the top of the screen is opaque, and the Messages sidebar is translucent.

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You will still be able to increase the size of a window as you do now, but you will need to press the alt/option key when you click the green button.For example, Apple has reduced the height of many window title bars in Yosemite.For example, those red, yellow and green buttons have dropped down so that they are not using up a whole line of screen retail estate.As far as we can see this serves no useful purpose, but at least it doesn't appear to affect readability.This use of translucency around the operating system is to "give you a sense of place," according to Apple.One of the biggest talking points when it comes to OS X 10.10 Yosemite is the new design elements.

i OS underwent an enormous redesign in 2013, so it was thought that the same might be in store for Apple's Mac operating system in 2014.

Many expected a new look because Apple's senior vice-president of design, Jonathan Ive, was working with senior vice-president of software engineering Craig Federighi on the new version of OS X, heading up the redesign of Mac OS X for OS X 10.10.

Therefore it was no surprise to see some of the flatter, more minimalist aesthetics we first met in i OS 7 in Apple's new Mac operating system.

The thinner font is suited to high-resolution displays.

This is great on Retina displays, but we feel that system fonts on our 2009 i Mac seem a little blury now. Other subtle design changes include an increased use of transparency.

Another change is the way Apple has simplified the menu bars around Yosemite.