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Updating phone firmware

Overview: Polycom devices running firmware version 3 and lower must connect to a server to update.

The app will keep your phone awake during the update process.How to Update Your Lock's Firmware Wait for the update to install updates 2 of 2. To ensure a speedy update make sure your phone is connected to your local Wi-Fi network.Once your lock has completed "Update 2 of 2" you will see a "Updating Lock Firmware" screen.The following document will outline how to upgrade the firmware of a Yealink IP phone using the device’s own web interface.This step is required prior to the provisioning of the phone to ensure that the bare minimum requirements and features are implemented into the device's firmware.Yes, your phone should be near your lock to complete the update.

Does the August app need to be open during the entire update?

To see which version of the firmware your device is using, press Menu scroll down to view bootblock and updater versions.

Polycom has a webpage and publicly accessible server for upgrading or downgrading the software of Polycom IP phones with stock Polycom software and configuration files.

Firmware updates will begin automatically when the lock owner connects to their lock.

You will still be able to operate your lock via the app during the update. Be sure to keep your phone near your lock, with the August app open throughout the whole update.

No, the firmware update will need to be completed for each individual lock.