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There is only one Sandy Bridge based Chromebox -- the Samsung Series 3 Chromebox -- though it was available with Celeron and Core-i5 mobile CPUs.It's not recommended for Kodi use due to the limitations of the integrated GPU (24p bug, no advanced deinterlacing), and the availability of the significantly more capable Haswell/Broadwell-based boxes, usually at a lower cost.

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Broadwell Chromeboxes were announced in the Spring of 2015, but not available to purchase until the Fall.The developer boot screen has a warning about OS verification being off.Do not hit [SPACE], as it will return the device to verified boot mode.Capability wise, the Haswell Chrome Boxes fully support hardware accelerated H.264/MPEG-2/VC-1 video playback at up to 2160p24/p30 (4K), proper 24p output, and full 7.1/HD audio bitstream output.3D playback is supported (HSBS/HTAB), though the decoding of MVC streams (as used in 3D Blu-ray ISOs) is not supported under Linux at this time; the hardware itself is capable.Note: The recovery button (and booting to recovery mode) are a function of the stock firmware.

If you've flashed a custom firmware on your box (either as part of a standalone setup or otherwise), the recovery button has no function and the Chrome OS recovery mode doesn't exist.

Note: This page was originally written for the Haswell-based ASUS Chromebox, but the information herein is valid for all Haswell/Broadwell-based Chromeboxes. Chromeboxes are small, lightweight x86-64 PC that natively runs Chrome OS, but with a few simple tweaks, has the capability to run any Linux-based OS (some models can also run Windows 8.1 ).

They use customized open-source firmware components (mainly coreboot) to boot Chrome OS in a secure/verified manner.

With the device powered off: After confirming, the device will reboot and wipe any existing user data - this will take ~5 minutes.

Afterwards, the Chrome Box will be in developer mode (vs verified boot mode), and the developer boot screen (shown below) will be displayed at each boot.

Even now, their availability is still limited to the Haswell boxes, which have displayed remarkable staying power given the release of replacement models.