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Vs 2016 recent projects list not updating

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An example of this is as simple as rounding up employment to two years when they have only been on the job for 1 year 7 months. You should review so that you can know what to catch at the interview stage.This information may help you ask questions that are at times difficult to address when “things don’t make sense”.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, owners Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft, and Bob Mc Nair will be deposed and asked to turn over all cell phone and email records in relation to the Colin Kaepernick collusion case against the NFL. Others will be deposed as well, according to Schefter, but those three have been confirmed.If we are in the business for the long haul, then we owe it to the industry to stamp out fraud anywhere we see it.This can be very useful to you and is something you should review.That sometimes is the fraud that many get caught participating in. You know, that loan you have originated where you recognized something that doesn’t look right, but you are willing to ignore the warning signs because it is not egregious.Or, if you bring it up, the borrower or Realtor has a reasonable explanation and you are afraid that if you push the topic you will lose the loan, or in some cases the relationship with the Realtor.Let’s work together to eliminate misrepresentation at every level and in every relationship so that we can be rid of this behavior.

It costs money and could cost you or your company your reputation, which we could argue is more costly than a real financial loss.

You may play the innocent victim role, but the cost to defend your position will outweigh any benefit earned by participating in the fraud.

The borrower shows on the application that they live with family and so they are living “rent free”.

When asked if signing Kap was a realistic possibility, O'Brien replied "I like the guys that we have and we'll continue to try to coach them." Kaepernick is worlds better than any of the healthy quarterbacks on the Texans' roster, but the ship seems to have sailed for good.

The matter has simply become too polarizing, not to mention Kap is suing the NFL for collusion.

Instead of renting it out, they move in and occupy it as a primary residence. Some may justify that the borrower has to put at least 15% down, so it seems like a good LTV risk.