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When the facts are so clearly before all Americans, for the whole world to see, why bother with this country’s odious and cumbersome system of justice? ” I agree with that, but it was written by the Kansas City Star. And not only did the liars at the NRA cheat the 90 percent of Americans wanting expanded gun registration out of what they want, by cheating and extorting and misleading, they celebrated their successful deceit when they “won.” Mission accomplished. Well some people estimate that 1 in 4 Americans now own a gun. Police included that among a long-list of pointers after my life became a little more complicated this week.Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor. Not the wannabe sick kid who blew up the Boston marathon or the freak that’s mailing ricin-laced letters to the president. Aurora is a community that knows only too well the downside of prolific guns, of military weapons in the hands of crazy people, of a nation that’s gone so far off base when it comes to firearm regulations that common sense is beyond our reach. They just don’t care.” Barefoot hippies in Boulder? Hundreds of editorials across the country used the same language, making it clear that the NRA had bullied a handful of low-life senators who are so cowardly, so corrupt that they would knowingly lie and distort the issue in a painfully obvious attempt to cover their political tracts and back ends. For the last few days, tens of thousands of fussy gunners have taken exception to a column I wrote three weeks ago comparing the National Rifle Association to a terrorist organization.

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Although there are plenty of existing articles, presentations and webcasts about modeling your data to take advantage of a document database, this post is taking a slightly PHP-centric position as a part of this series.They threaten elected officials with massive sums of money to oust them if they don’t comply with NRA demands on the House and Senate floors.They inspire members to unleash an unnerving tidal wave of threats, saying that even if 99 percent of Americans agreed that they no longer want military-weapons in the hands of American civilians, that we must “come and take” them.Part of the biggest challenges of assessing Mongo DB is the ability to quickly understand document data modeling, and stepping outside the constraints of relational data modeling. Your typical blog will have the following elements to consider: Authors In most cases this can point at existing user data Posts Where you store the actual data about each blog post Comments All blog posts need comments Categories How you choose to organize your posts by category grouping Tags Tagging helps people find posts, and helps you link your related posts together A typical third normal form relational model will produce around six tables.For many-to-many relationships (such as with posts to tags) you need the reference table as well as the link table with the keys.For example, for tags you might have the posts table, the tags table, and a posts_tags table that simply links post_id with tag_id for each reference.

This not only complicates your data model, but it shows a disconnect between relational theory and document structure.

I’m talking about the real terrorist threat here in America: the National Rifle Association. If you don’t read the thousands of newspapers in this country that came out with their own editorial guns a’blazing last week after a minority of craven, lying, sniveling, cowardly U. senators cheated the very premise of American government to back their masters at the NRA, let me offer you a few choice excerpts: “But now, the cowards defied the will of most Americans and helped the hardliners and hypocrites prevail. When the column went viral this weekend via websites that have now labeled me “lib-tard of the week,” my crash course in “Are you freaking kidding me? I learned that there are thousands of passionate, thoughtful, civil people all over the country who vehemently disagree with me and are motivated enough to take the time to say so — often very eloquently. I learned that there are tens of thousands of creeps out there who are the firearms equivalent of park bathroom exhibitionists, eager to show me their stuff, talk about my orifices and defend their backyard bunkers with hollow-point bullets when the imminent communist takeover by Obama and company finally unfolds. I’ve learned that many people who disagree with proponents of gun control seem to think that we wet the bed, and they talk a lot about that.

They allowed themselves to be cowed into submission by a loud but very unrepresentative minority of NRA members who threatened retribution against anyone who voted in favor of the bill.” Just another liberal rag in a liberal wasteland toeing the liberal line? “It would be shameful, except too many of our politicians have no shame. I greet each day with dry sheets, dudes, but I have had to wake up snuggling cold pillow drool on more than once occasion, if that’s somehow telling.

Here’s an example of how your posts might hook into tags, using a relational model: This approach can complicate your code, as you have to write more sophisticated queries to join multiple tables together.

If your application is also expected to create new posts and tags, then that logic will be more complex as well.

There’s room for the Second Amendment and getting rapid-fire, high-capacity military weapons out of the hands of criminals and everyone else who doesn’t need them.