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Be a little assertive and don't rely too much on subtle messages.Verbalize: "I want to be your boyfriend", "I wan't to have sex", "I want you to leave me alone right now".

You don't date a Dane because Danes don't date. You are boyfriend/girlfriend (kærester pl, kæreste sg, gender neutral) with a Dane.People are used to being treated according to their gender and how it's defined by their culture.Okay, this one's a little hard to explain, so here's a made-up example: Foreign girl makes a joke, poking fun of her new Danish "kæreste".Most couples will prefer splitting the bill or taking turns.If you're a girl, do not expect the guy to necessarily make the first move. Danish girls are generally quite forwards and Danish guys do not pick up on subtle hints well.People are generally pretty relaxed about hanging out with former partners or people they've had casual sex with.

If you don't know if you're "kærester" or not, you're "kærester"!

Linguistically, we often phrase requests as demands. " (give me "straight" the salt) would often be our way of saying "Would you mind passing the salt? I've noticed that this sometimes carries over into my other languages, which makes me come across as a little rude. Public displays of affection are common and not a big deal.

Though it's becoming more common, going on "dates" is not really a big thing amongst the younger generation.

If you're American, you might feel like you're being treated less "according to your gender".

That's AWESOME in many ways, but it can also cause misunderstandings on both ends.

But to her, he just broke a major cultural boundary in a very intimidating way. Danes generally don't see more than one person at a time.