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When did vanessa hudgens and zac efron start dating

‘It was in disarray and out of chronological order.

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‘In some ways they had a father-son relationship,’ Mark reflects.Face the chilly challenge prepared with all the essential clothing, equipment, and gear and go to the right places to be rewarded with plenty of fish.Rachel the celebrity tailor is participating in a wedding dresses contest.‘It took me ten minutes to wade through one paragraph, and I thought, “I don’t have time to read this.” To me it was just Grandad’s stuff.No bells were ringing.’ That only happened in 2006, when Mark started to do some research into his family tree.‘When I started to read through the papers I didn’t think, “Hey, this is Oscar material,”’ Mark recalls. I knew very little about him so it was a personal voyage of discovery.’ And it has continued to this day: for over recent months, 45-year-old Mark has delved further into his grandfather’s royal friendship, You loved the film, but the events that came after King George VI made that speech were even more poignant travelling across the globe to trace his family history and uncover what turned Logue into the man we meet in the film.

The results can be seen in a revealing documentary that extends Lionel’s story beyond the end of the film and gives the viewer access to the hitherto unseen letters and diaries. He says he first ‘met’ his grandfather on screen, in the form of Geoffrey Rush, who he also interviews in the documentary.

Busy with his young family, Mark promised himself he would take a proper look at a later date.

It took five years for him to make good that vow, but what Mark found then both astonished him and moved him.

I wanted to know how that happened, to trace his extraordinary journey.

I believed it could make a wonderful documentary.’ When he first approached broadcasters at the start of 2010 there was little interest – but then the film went global.

‘A meeting was set up with co-producer Iain Canning and David Seidler,’ recalls Mark.