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Who david tennant dating

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In May 2008, Moffett starred in the BBC series Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor's artificially-created daughter, Jenny, in the episode "The Doctor's Daughter", with her future husband David Tennant playing the Doctor She joined the cast of BBC medical drama Casualty as junior doctor Heather Whitefield, but her character was killed off at the start of her second episode.In June 2010, she performed in the short play Hens, which ran for four performances at the Riverside Studios and was later broadcast on Sky Arts 2, and played a cameo role in the television drama Thorne: Sleepyhead as the wife of one of the junior detectives (appearing in one scene in episode two, and one non-speaking scene in episode three).

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While last week's episode was most notable for letting Olivia Colman and David Tennant prove that they're the best double act on TV and for pissing off fans with an embarrassing tea gaffe, the focus in 'Episode 4' swung back heavily towards Trish's brutal assault.Rose and the Doctor will take on an alien invasion in the Attack of the Zaross and will also see Camille Coduri guest stars as Jackie Tyler, who was in the original BBC series.While the second - Sword of the Chevalier - will see the duo in the year 1791 where they encounter Chevalier D’Eon, an enigmatic ex-spy who has lived his life as a woman.Scottish star David, 46, will be reprising his role as the 10th Time Lord, while Billie, 34, will be back again as fan favourite and companion Rose Tyler.The pair, who were last seen together in the BBC TV show's 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor, will be back together again for three new adventures.He acted in school productions throughout primary and secondary school.

Tennant's talent at this young age was spotted by Scottish actress Edith Mac Arthur.

Tennant is of Northern Irish descent; his maternal great-grandparents, William and Agnes Blair, were staunch Protestants from County Londonderry who were among the signatories of the Ulster Covenant in 1912. Tennant's maternal grandfather, footballer Archie Mc Leod, met William and Agnes' daughter Nellie while playing for Derry City FC.

Mc Leod was descended from tenant farmers from the Isle of Mull.

However, the reunion will be for a series of new Big Finish audio productions which will mark Billie's debut for the company.

The three stories will be part of the Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2 and each will be an hour-long each.

When you put your headphones on, you’re going to recognise the world you’re in.” More as we hear it. Going by the title by Jenny T Colgan, in which "the Doctor and Donna arrive on Calibris - ‘An entirely mechanical planet.