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Who is ally sheedy dating

Having taken a break from acting over the past couple years to be a full-time mom, now that Rebecca will be graduating high school and heading off to college, Sheedy hopes to get back to work, specifically on TV.actress and mom of a lesbian daughter Ally Sheedy has become an enthusiastic LGBT activist over the past few years.

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In a recent interview with After Ellen Sheedy talked about how her 17-year-old daughter Rebecca helped spur that passion, along with a friend who got her involved with the Ali Forney Center in New York.“It’s funny, there are a lot of women in general who, for some reason, got hooked by that movie.I’m not quite sure if it’s only – I kind of think it definitely speaks to gay women but also speaks to, for some reason, women, more than men.And having a teenager and seeing the teenagers — it really hit me," Sheedy says.Aside from having a lesbian daughter, Sheedy also says she realizes that her role as Lucy Berliner in Lisa Cholodenko’s made her something of a lesbian icon. It's a mixture - a huge percentage of gay women really identified with Lucy or fell in love with Lucy," Sheedy said.Her role in the Lisa Cholodenko film is iconic and, despite the fact that Ally has had several other high-profile roles in famous films, she is still approached on the street by fans of Lucy Berliner.“Women in general come up to me about that movie.

It’s a mixture – a huge percentage of gay women really identified with Lucy or fell in love with Lucy,” Ally said.

As a little girl, Ally Sheedy spent precious little time watching the grass grow.

A dancer with the American Ballet Theatre at 7, a published author at 12, a TV-commercial actress at 15, she is now, at 21, a blossoming movie star. Sheedy, despite a big role as computer whiz Matthew Broderick’s sweetie in War Games, doesn’t want to be the next teen idol.

“So we’re trying to say, whatever you do with your budget, the tiny fraction of it goes to these kids cannot get cut. Ali Forney is one of the most visible shelters and there aren’t very many.

There’s just a couple, not very many in New York and New York is the place — it seems to me — where a lot of kids who get kicked out of their homes in other part of the country, or have to run away, end up here. So this is not the place to be cutting beds for them.”Besides having a lesbian daughter, Ally also acknowledges that she is something of a lesbian icon.

The pilot is for a show in development for Lifetime based on the Modern Love column in the Sunday New York Times.