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Who is alyssa milano dating

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Still, she's welcomed a new man in her life since then, their 2-year-old son Milo.

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Milano married husband number two, Hollywood agent David Bugliari, four years ago.After winning the part, she and her family moved to Los Angeles, where the show was produced. and the first American musical adaptation of Jane Eyre.She returned to the theater in 1991, producing and starring in a Los Angeles production of Butterflies Are Free from December 26, 1991, to January 19, 1992.The two met when Dane worked on Milano's show "Charmed," and even hit the red carpet as a couple. While there must be much more to their story, all Milano offered to say was, "Yes, [for] a few years."" data-reactid="49"Scott Wolf: Milano and Wolf were very public about their relationship, which began when they met on the set of the movie "Double Dragon" in June 1993, and ended in a broken engagement.They even had a special word ("oogily") and nicknames for each other: Angel Face for her and Love Bug for him, according to a 1994 interview with People.Both projects allowed her to work alongside close personal friend Brian Bloom who worked with his brother Scott with her in episodes of Who's the Boss; this working camaraderie would later expand in 1993 when Milano made a cameo appearance in Bloom's film The Webbers.

She produced a teen workout video, Teen Steam, and achieved some fame outside the USA with her music career, which lasted until the early 1990s.

A few years later this film was shown in Japan, prompting a producer to offer Milano a five-album record deal.

Milano's albums, which she described as "bubblegum pop", scored platinum in the country, though she later showed her discontent in their musical quality.

The couple moved in together just two months after meeting and he proposed two months after that.

While there must be much more to their story, all Milano offered to say was, "Yes, [for] a few years."Corey Feldman: Wrong Corey.

" Milano was 29 at the time of the romance, while Timberlake was just 21." data-reactid="30"Justin Timberlake: While the rest of the world was mourning the 2002 demise of JT and Britney Spears, Milano admits that she was plotting to lure the singer to her side, and she managed to do it … "Yeah, that's true," Milano admitted when she was asked about the "Mirrors" crooner.