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These small cities were built with classical Tyran architecture with an emphasis on COG ideals and would be home to young families.

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Many Tyrans had served in the military both voluntary and during the more pressing times of the Pendulum and Locust wars as conscripts.After the end of the Gold Rush and beginnings of the Pendulum Wars, Tyrus governed the military strategy of the war against the UIR.Being based on Jacinto Plateau, Tyrus was not only a fortress but the symbol of the Coalition ideals.Tyrus was never directly invaded by a foreign aggressor during the Pendulum Wars, but most Tyrans were affected in some way due to the Conflict.Many important buildings where based in Tyrus like Allfathers Library, Ginnet Mausoleum, Octus Tower, and Tomb of the Unknowns.While the official Government of Tyrus remained the COG, numerous non-state communities of Outsiders would form in the post-apocalyptic political power vacuum.

Tyrus had one of the most impressive armed forces of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.

Under his leadership the COG began to unfold, with Pelles under Premier Deschenko refusing to help Tyrus due to the Fall of Ostri, and with only the South Islands willing to support his counteroffensive into the heart of Locust controlled territory, which was in southern Tyrus itself.

Chairman Prescott, under pressure from the front of the Tyra River, ordered orbital satellites to destroyed all Locust occupied territory, killing millions of Coalitions soldiers and civilians as well as any Locust soldier on the surface.

For next year under Chairman Tomas Dalyell, the COG fought a losing battle with one nation after an other falling to the Horde.

When Dalyell dying from a sudden heart attack, the Council of Sovereigns elected Deputy Chairman Richard Prescott as the new Chairman.

During the Era of Silence Tyrus adopted a more representative form of Government in the form of the House of Sovereigns and experienced great development.