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Who is desmond elliot dating

Thanks to all those who have contributed goofs and observations to the Factfiles.

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He is baffled at this news and goes to see his regimental colonel who is furious that strings have been pulled from on high in this way to benefit James.Shaughnessy's own scripts were edited by John Hawkesworth, the producer.All episodes (except ) were storylined by Shaughnessy.Location work is scarce but is very well mounted, such as the scenes of a hospital train arriving at Charing Cross in .We also get to see the field hospital in France where Georgina is working as a nurse – this is the furthest that the series ever got from 165 Eaton Place.Extras and walk-ons are credited where the information is available, but these details should not be considered exhaustive.

Spellings of names in these cases is sometimes uncertain! All the Factfiile notes are drawn from what was actually shown on the screen – additional or contradictory material from the novelisations (etc.) is not included. carried dates for some of the episodes in this season – most of these were demonstrably wrong!

If this affects you, please try printing them in another browser (e.g. Regular cast: Jacqueline Tong (Daisy), Angela Baddeley (Mrs Bridges), Gordon Jackson (Hudson), David Langton (Richard Bellamy), Jean Marsh (Rose), Meg Wynn Owen (Hazel Bellamy), Christopher Beeny (Edward), Lesley-Anne Down (Georgina Worsley), Jenny Tomasin (Ruby), Simon Williams (James Bellamy), Joan Benham (Lady Prudence Fairfax), Mel Churcher (Angela Barclay), Hannah Gordon (Virginia Hamilton), Raymond Huntley (Sir Geoffrey Dillon), Barrie Cookson (Colonel Buchanan), Christopher Good (Capt./Major Philip Hanning), Joyce Heron (Lady Berkhamstead), Celia Imrie (Jenny), Patricia Macrae (Sister Menzies) It's the autumn of 1914 and every household is expected to contribute to the war effort in some way. The servants prepare for the arrival of their guests, assuming they are displaced aristocrats, but all are surprised and dismayed when a family of downtrodden, lice-ridden peasants arrive at the front door.

Apart from the language barrier, the Belgians are suspicious, uncooperative, surly and ungrateful.

Downstairs, Edward and Daisy decide that they want to marry and go to Hudson with their happy news.

Hudson is dismayed but takes the couple to see James and Hazel who offer their congratulations.

This series is more "soap" oriented than previously and ideally requires viewers to have seen the previous episodes in the season.