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Who is elliot yamin dating

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Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell returned to judge, and Ryan Seacrest returned to host.It was recorded as the highest ever debut for an independent artist in the history of Billboard magazine. Fame sipping in, he has been attending album signings and TV appearances to promote the album.Under such publication and high motivation, Elliott can easily butter up his way to reign music industry.Having a mother who was a professional singer, Elliott quickly grew interest in the same field.He began singing at the age of 5 and exposed himself to a lot of music genres.These songs may be released weeks before his self titled album, but the two certainly helped in giving the nice foretaste that people are digging in.

In the first week of its release, album 'Elliott Yamin' accumulated 96,000 copies and successively earned the #3 slot on Billboard 200.

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Ever wonder what happens to contestants after "American Idol"?

This had lowered the self-esteem within him that eventually made him hating to be the center of attention.

With that, he buried the passion of singing that required him performing in front of many people.

It is the most successful season to date ratings-wise, and resulted in 18 contestants (including all of the top 10 and a few semifinalists) getting record deals – nine of them with major labels.