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Who is john cena currently dating

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❤❤❤❤❤ #Repost @julia1nyc 💍💍💍💍💍💍The love and tears we have at this moment… A post shared by Brie Bella (@thebriebella) on 👯 #beautyandthebeast #Repost @thebriebella ・・・ We are ready!!!

Well, currently she is mostly in the news for Nikki Bella John Cena relation and her stay off the wrestling due to Nikki Bella injury.She celebrated her last birthday party with her partner John Cena and her twin sister Brie Bella.Ever since Nikki Bella first match happened in the WWE, right from Nikki Bella first appearance till date, her fans have loved her immensely.She was seen as the hottest diva in WWE and so, Nikki Bella fights have always been a huge success.Also, this is one reason why Nikki Bella merchandise is always a complete sell out.Forget the wrestling ring — John Cena is thinking about the engagement ring he just presented to his longtime girlfriend, Nikki Bella. I'm filled with such happiness for my sister!!! @thenikkibella is really feeling her inner Belle!!! Back in the day, she also dated WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler for a couple years before finally calling it quits.

After besting The Miz and his wife Maryse during Wrestle Mania 33 on Sunday night, Cena got down on one knee to propose to Bella, who said yes, and they sealed it with a kiss. ✨ A post shared by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on Cena and Bella’s relationship has been documented on the reality shows, which give a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of female WWE Superstars. WATCH: Nikki Bella Talks Her 4.5 Carat Engagement Ring – Plus Will the WWE Superstar Be a Bridezilla?!

The time when Nikki Bella dating Seth Rollins was one of the peak times of her career but soon Nikki Bella Seth Rollins relationship came to an end as both parted ways and Nikki Bella Seth Rollins breakup was said to be due to egoistic issues.

However, she was then related to another wrestler, Dolph Ziggler and Nikki Bella and Dolph Ziggler relationship was also short-lived.

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Although Nikki Bella love affairs are common news as she belongs to the media industry, but many people are still trying to figure out Nikki Bella husband name as she has been associated with various co-wrestlers.

The Bella Twins made their wrestling debut in the September of 2007 and since then, Nikki Bella matches have continued to make a mark on the WWE viewers.