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Like what is this vibe, what is this energy, this is different. So how do you communicate that through the music, through your art, through your performances? I was listening to “I Need More” and that’s a new sound.I could see these things coming across in the new song.

I have a record called “Same Thing” that’s all about cycles being repeated until we learn our lesson. You want to be professional, you want the people who work for you to be excited to work for you.I don’t think it’s “dead” because there aren’t enough artists doing it an interesting way. the radio programs, TV programs, all these things program what is cool and what’s in. A lot of the messages aren’t really saying anything, it’s not really leading the generation anywhere. I’ll definitely have some of those type of vibes, but it may not be super traditional. What can your fans from “Let Me Love You”/”Braid My Hair” expect and what are your new fans going to get?Everything is driven by the ego, nothing is super, super vulnerable. New fans are going to get definitely more vulnerability, definitely a more symbolic approach in respect to the music.Also, I came in the game when it was really about the music and really about the art. I was like okay, let me step back and let that happen, and then when I come back I’m going to come back in the right way from all platforms.From behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, everything that I do is going to be meaningful so that I don’t get lost in that. They find themselves after disappearing for a minute, then they come back and they are their peak highest self.That should inspire people to be their own artists. It’s all communication, everything is communication. For R&B now, do you think it’s dying out with new wave and acceptance of trap and twerk music?

I look at things from all points of view and I think that we’re all…

Like don’t get me wrong, I f**k up some commas and I have all these things but, I need more. Ultimately, I want people to look at me and understand when I do something and see the deeper meaning behind it.

So is that really what you want to get across to your fans? Understand that it’s art and the expression of art comes from a higher place of creativity.

So these are things that I’ve decided that I’m okay with sharing this, I’m okay with being this person.

Taking time off allowed me to tap into that side of myself.

we have the capability to do so much, why tap into one part of yourself? Because of the aesthetic, the R&B as we knew it, was so much more laid back and so much more about love and relationships, it was more musical.