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UMA moves towards the garden of Villa Giusti, which she will visit barefooted.

Description: The third photoset in this first WINTER SPECIAL for 2017/2018 features a girl who posed just once for The Feetosopher in the early days of his career.including in two mind-blowing, in-your-face close-ups! In the final picture of the set, SWAINS & AMELIE exchange big hugs at the railway station, where SWAINS will take her train back to her hometown, Verona.STAY TUNED for other exciting pictures and videos from this session in future updates at BAREFOOT URBAN GIRLS! The spotlight today is on hardcore barefoot beauty GIORGIA, real-life sister of 30-something ARIANNA (also featured in today's update).In this set you can enjoy STEFANIA walking around in Venice (Italy) on a very cold mid-December day: temperature during the shooting never went above 5°C/41°F!Cute STEFANIA is all smiles in spite of the cold: she stops by many shop windows looking for Xmas gifts, seeks eye contact with you, calls a friend of hers from a public phone (they were still quite widespread in Italy in 2004, when these pictures were taken), poses in scenic locations and finally lets you admire her soles in some exciting close-ups..The Feetosopher, STEFANIA, KEA, and all the BAREFOOT URBAN GIRLS wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

:-) Description: This set features unpublished non-nude pictures of gorgeous KEA taken exactly one year ago (December 24, 2016) during the Xmas shooting for BAREFOOT URBAN GIRLS and our sister site BAREFOOT NUDITY (check it out to see KEA TOPLESS IN WINTER! KEA poses barefooted inside the famed Roman Arena of Verona (Italy) with the giant steel tail of a Xmas shooting star as backdrop, and then in the Garden of Villa Giusti.

;-) Description: This photoset features unpublished pictures of gorgeous IRIE, taken on a sunny but cold day in December 2008.

IRIE moves from the railway station of Venice (Italy) towards Santiago Calatrava's Constitution Bridge.

Some exciting feet close-ups are included in the set! The girls pretend to be annoyed at The Feetosopher who is chasing them as they walk barefooted in the grimy railway station of Mestre (Italy), but get friendly when they realize that he is into their bare dirty feet!

: D They immediately offer their VERY DIRTY SOLES to his lenses for a couple of close-ups, which allow you all to assess whose soles are the filthiest!

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