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Now, now…we know what you're thinking, things are moving too fast, right? Lo is being measured about diving head first into another highly publicized relationship (despite what it may seem)."Jennifer likes the idea of dating a man closer to her age," the insider shared.

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Look at him for a few seconds until you meet his gaze and then push it away.In the span of just a matter of weeks, the duo has traveled to two different coasts, met one another's family, been on countless romantic dates and even worked on their fitness together.And while that may seem a bit, well, fast for your average couple, it seems as though these two are head-over-heels for each other and not letting anything get in their way."Jennifer and Alex are heating up big time," a source told E! But back to the newly dubbed couple, J-Rod…These world-renowned celebs aren't new to famous coupledom status, and they're both not afraid to go all in for each new relationship they enter.Repeat this action several times until you find out if you always match again, so you can find out if he looks for you with his eyes or it was a simple coincidence.Body language It’s not easy to discover messages with the naked eye, but if you learn to interpret body language you can find valuable information to know if a guy likes you. You will see an appendage of amazing erotic ability dangling at waist level—your hand. Avoid mineral or baby oils because they are absorbed too quickly into the skin.

Start with a good massage oil such as Neal’s Yard Remedies Ginger & Juniper Warming Oil or Naturopathica Arnica Muscle and Joint Massage and Body Oil.

It’s a light, long, rhythmic stroke that generally runs with the grain of the muscle.

On her legs, for example, use your cupped palms and gently glide upward.

In general, if his body (head, torso, hands, feet…) points towards you, it’s always a symptom of interest.

On the contrary, crossed arms and the parts of his body pointing in another direction demonstrate the opposite.

And if there ever was a sign that the two are getting closer than ever behind the spotlight, it's how public they're being in, err, public.