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But for others it can be a much slower process because they fear what the outcome may mean for them. Others struggle with their religion and whether or not their god will still love them.

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Personal questions and private messages should be sent using the Message Me feature instead. Okay fine read the menu for the drinks but skip the last page where the food is because you're getting the sliders and mac.Being in a same sex relationship with a partner who refuses to come out of the closet can be somewhat distressing on the relationship itself.Believe me the one thing that’s amazing about coming out is that you don’t have to censor yourself.Understand that and appreciate them even more for doing it all over again for you.All these things and more contribute to why so many people stay closeted and feel like it’s not okay to follow their heart.

Being a partner of one of these people is just as hard especially as you have already accepted who you are.

However if you do find that you are in a situation similar to this, then I firmly believe that communication is a must.

Talk to your partner about how you feel, it doesn’t matter which end of the situation you are in because I guarantee you that your both struggling.

You need to respect your partner’s privacy whether or not you agree with it.

Remember, this is a very delicate part of them that only they may pick and choose who knows it and when.

On one hand if you’re the out one, you want to show your partner that you support them.