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Nina Tandon, Chief Executive Officer and President of Epi Bone, pioneered a technique to grow human bones outside of the body.When her fiancé needed reconstructive surgery on his ankle, she saw the pain he endured to have bone grafted from his hip.

This is urgent work: “Right now we don't have very good technology to detoxify a big group of industrial pollutants.Her method extracts stem cells from a patient to grow a new bone within a custom-designed “scaffold”.While it will be a long haul to progress through human trials and bring a product to market, potentially in 2022 or 2023, it could transform the field of reconstructive surgery.This doesn’t mean our brain is like a computer; rather that “computers are giving us the closest thing that we have right now to an analogous mechanism.” Her research includes studying why our brains form false memories, and what this can tell us about the future of neuroscience and the next steps in computing.Sarah Amiri is the lead scientist for the UAE’s Mars Mission."We had a fair amount of gear from the island so it's nice to see people here wanting some of these pieces," she said.

While most headlines about women in “STEM” (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) understandably focus on the dispiriting gender gap in these fields - caused by complex reasons involving everything from harmful stereotypes to subconscious bias - we decided to take a more positive tack.

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My gamertag, for those of you that couldn't figure it out is APPLEJACKS xxxx, and I have been playing Forza since very late Forza 2.

Elissa Aminoff is a research scientist at the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition, at Australia’s Carnegie Mellon University.

She studies how the brain formulates vision and memory, using computer modelling to explore the parallels between machine and human intelligence.

Since then, she has forged a career at the intersection between health and policy, arguing that governments need to draw on clear data, not hazy assumptions, to build healthy communities.