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Yoon sang hyun choi ji woo dating

Later in the series he developes feelings for her, but is too late. He still does his best to make Jan Di always smile. (one sided crush) He is a guitarist that plays in an unknown band, and meets Jan Di at a bar where she is with Oh Min-Ji.

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This caused Jan Di to fight back each time and keep brushing off the harrassment and assault, attracting the attention of Ji Hoo, who helps her on a number of occasions.Jan Di falls in love with him, and as time goes on, Jun Pyo is also surprised by her courage and strength, and tries to make up to her by taking her places and doing things with her, such as teasing or annoying her, and believes that he can woo her by buying her fancy clothing and money, and tells her she can be his girlfriend when nobody is around.Jan Di does not accept, telling him that you buy friends with your heart, and not money.Later on, she slowly begins to like Jun Pyo, but still considers him rude and stuck up.Min Seo Hyun, the famous model, befriends her after seeing her being bullied.They go through their first date in the finale and kiss before he leaves to rebuild the Shinhwa Group.

At the end of the series, after 4 years of being abroad, Jun Pyo proposes which she accepts. She cares for him very much and always loved him, no matter how much he annoys her.

One night when Jan Di and Oh Min Ji go out, Jan Di is photographed with a man in a bed, where she is asleep and they are together.

Jun Pyo sees this and tells her that they no longer know each other, to which Jan Di protests she has no idea what happened.

When Jun Pyo forgets Jan Di due to an accident, she is heartbroken, so the F4 tries to regain his memories.

He finally remembers her at the pool party, when she falls into the pool, and he saves her life.

The next day, Jun Pyo places a red card in her locker which turns the whole school on her to bully her and also harrass her.